Neil Robertson is Assistant Professor in Signal and Image Processing. He is principal investigator of the Visionlab Research Group. He co-leads the EPSRC Edinburgh Centre for Robotics and the EPSRC/DSTL University Defence Research Centre. His work centres on human behaviour recognition, computer vision and multi-modal sensor fusion. From 2000 to 2007, he worked in the UK Scientific Civil Service with DERA, and then QinetiQ. He held a prestigious 1851 Royal Commission Fellowship at Oxford University (2003–2006) in the Robotics Research Group.

His defence-related research is extensive, having been funded under the MOD Major Programme, Detection of Difficult targets and various programmes at DERA/QinetiQ. This work developed new behaviour recognition and explanation algorithms from video data. He has also been funded by DSTL (Counter IED) and MOD (Tripwire detection, 3-D reconstruction, GMTI tracking) and has had successful exploitation of his algorithms in defence systems contributing to live military trials (e.g. at BATUS). His main interest is target behaviour and anomaly detection as well as normal activity explanation, and this is the focus of current research funded by Roke Manor and Thales Optronics. Neil led the work on sensor fusion for human-robot interaction in the FP7 project, LOCOBOT. He was the co-chair of the International Conference Fusion 2010 and programme chair of the IET Conference on Data Fusion and Target Tracking 2012 and is on the editorial board of IET Signal Processing.

Prof Neil Robertson