We are gradually building a collection of resources on this page for professionals involved in MS care.


The MS Trust has created a website called StayingSmart for professionals to learn more about cognitive difficulties in MS, to build confidence in managing them and share useful information.

Delegate Projects

An integral part of the Multiple Sclerosis MasterClass is the intermodule project. Attendees undertake a workplace project on an issue within their own area. This might be around service delivery, patient management or an aspect of drug management and might involve a service description, an audit or research.

The project concludes with presentation to the course members and Faculty in Module 2. This project is a required piece of work which completes the CPD sign-off for the course. At each MasterClass a winner and three runners up are selected by the group.

2017 MasterClass Project Winner
Dr Ferghal McVerry
Audit of MS relapse management in a district general hospital setting

Other delegate presentations

Dr Gemma Maxwell, Safe prescribing of Alemtuzumab in a district general hospital: Sunderland vs Newcastle (2017 runner up)

Dr Yoga Bindu, Time from ‘treatment decision’ to ‘actual start of DMT’ in MS – a local clinical survey

Dr Gin Moffitt, A register for people with MS at St Richard’s Hospital