MS-STAT2 finally takes off

by Professor Gavin Giovannoni

Finally a phase 3 trial in progressive MS is being done outside of Big Pharma. Great news for people with progressive MS. We will now get an answer about whether or not simvastatin works in a larger study, its safety profile and more importantly its risk:benefit profile in people with more advanced MS. This study may give us clues about how simvastatin is working; is it working via comorbidities or specific anti-inflammatory or neuroprotective mechanisms?

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Audit of MS relapse management in a district general hospital setting

by Dr Ferghal McVerry, Consultant Neurologist, Altnagelvin Hospital

Dr Ferghal McVerry is the winner of the first Multiple Sclerosis Academy MasterClass Project Award for his audit of multiple sclerosis relapse management in a district general hospital setting. The intermodule project is an integral part of the MasterClass. Course participants choose an area of interest which might be around service delivery, patient or drug management and present their findings at Module 2 to the faculty and other participants who select the winner.

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New analysis shows emergency hospital admissions for people with MS continue to rise

Updated data published by Wilmington Healthcare and the MS Trust highlights the need for more preventative care for MS patients.

Emergency hospital admissions for people with MS are on the rise and costing the NHS millions; yet many of them could be avoided, according to a new summary of data by healthcare intelligence provider Wilmington Healthcare and the charity, the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Trust. Continue reading

#NeuroSpeak: education, education, education…

by Prof Gavin Giovannoni

What has Tony Blair got to do with multiple sclerosis? #MSBlog #NeuroSpeak

Tony Blair is famously quoted as putting ‘Education, education, education, …’ at the centre of New Labour’s manifesto in 1997. However, it is the type, or quality, of education that makes a difference. I have learnt that information in itself may pique attention, but it rarely changes behaviour. Therefore I was very impressed at how the feedback session for our first MS Academy went last Friday. Continue reading

Free opportunities for neurologists to expand understanding of neurology & become an expert in managing MS

Webinar: Neurology in the NHS led by Sue Thomas, CEO, Commissioning Excellence

Expert training in MS led by Professor Gavin Giovannoni, Barts Hospital, London

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